CLEAR Solutions

Patient care and safety are the highest priorities when surgeons are in the operating room. It is essential that instruments and equipment are properly prepared and functioning when the surgeon is scheduled to operate. The CLEAR solution allows hospitals and surgery centers to maximize instrument performance while improving patient safety.

CLEAR, an Envision Medical company, supplies high-quality customized surgical instrumentation and equipment services to hospital networks, healthcare facilities and surgical centers. The CLEAR team will consult with your facility’s team to develop a service program that integrates into your operations. Our trained technicians will evaluate, repair, replace and maintain the instruments and equipment on-site to ensure that you eliminate downtime in the operating room.

 CLEAR Advantages

Healthcare facilities realize the increasing pressure to continually upgrade equipment and reduce or maintain costs. Advancements in technology and shrinking hospital reimbursements are requiring surgeons and medical staff to perform complex surgical procedures in less time and at lower costs. CLEAR will allow you to increase your instrumentation and equipment uptime and functionality without the capital investment in new technology.

The CLEAR experts understand that facility demands vary and will work with you to customize a comprehensive line of  surgical instrumentation equipment and schedule to meet your needs. Our procedure or vendor based instrument management service will improve instrument readiness and allow you to focus on the medical procedures and patient safety. The professionally trained CLEAR technicians will work with you to:

  • Customize a program to meet your changing needs
  • Conduct an inventory assessment and ongoing comprehensive evaluations with your staff to best utilize facility instrumentation and equipment
  • Provide on-site inspection, replacement and maintenance
  • Deliver complete instrument sets in top condition—each and every time
  • Fulfill surgeon instrument demands
  • Restore equipment to manufacturer’s specifications using parts that meet or exceed OEM standards
  • Supply sufficient sets to accommodate the most challenging surgical schedule
  • Eliminate dated and obsolete instruments
  • Remove and replace disposable instrumentation when possible
  • Provide specialty instrument sets for advanced surgical procedures
  • Offer optional capital equipment
    Provide care and handling training
  • Change sets with instrumentation improvements, trends and successes to increase equipment and facility performance

 CLEAR Results

Our procedure based and fixed cost instrument management service will extend the life of your instruments and reduce management costs.The customized CLEAR program will give your team reassurance that you are using high-quality
equipment from a highly skilled and knowledgeable technical team. The CLEAR instrument readiness services will help O.R. Staff, Surgeons, Central Service and Administration to:

  • Avoid costly capital investment with ever changing technology
  • Acquire the latest equiptment technology from multiple vendors
  • Maximize your investment in specialty instruments
  • Ensure peak performance of instruments and equipment
  • Improve patient outcomes and safety
  • Avoid unexpected investment in new or replacement equipment—when budget is not available
  • Eliminate outdated instruments and equipment

CLEAR provides quality results with a cost-effective approach. CLEAR will improve your instrument readiness allowing you to focus on the medical procedures and patient safety.

The advantages of CLEAR services will allow you to have a customized approach to your instrumentation and equipment management that is integrated into your operations.  Look to CLEAR for a proactive and efficent approach to your healthcare facility needs and patient care.

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